Grace Baptist Church's heritage began in 1900 from the corner of Bartlette and Sumter Streets and to our current location, 219 W. Calhoun Street. Over the past 122 years and 10 pastors, Grace has set an example of strong stewardship and fervently praying members. Those who have gone before us have laid a solid foundation on which we continue to build through our faithfulness in giving. Our physical structure has stood strong, but with any aging building, repairs are desperately needed to maintain and ensure its physical life going forward. It's our turn now to preserve its strength and durability for those who come after us. Help us "Preserve Grace for Future Generations" with your heartfelt offerings.


Replace roof on Office-Chapel- Music Room- Gymnasium.

Upgrade lighting to LED. Brighter and energy savings.

Paint walls and needed areas throughout the church.

Replace carpet and flooring in needed areas of the church.

Replace ceiling tiles in areas of the church where needed.


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